Size Chart Information

If a product does not yet have its Size Chart on the actual product page, read below for important information. If this is your first leather jacket or vest or shirt, remember that your t-shirt size in MOST cases will not be the size for your leathers, they are sized differently than your normal t-shirt or regular shirt. If you are still unsure of sizing, then PLEASE don't guess, you can email us at [email protected] OR text us at 850-913-9999 and tell us the SKU number of the product you are interested in and take YOUR measurements while wearing your normal clothing and we will try our best to tell you the correct size to choose.

How To Size Leather Jackets and Vests and Shirts

We are adding Size Charts to each product page, but it's a long process and we are doing it as quickly as possible. Each manufacturer's size chart differs, so if you wear a large in one vest or jacket it does not mean you wear that size in every jacket. One thing that IS consistent is that for NUMBER sizing, for example, size 46 or 54, etc. the number is the measurement of that jacket or vest or shirts chest measurement and the waists are normally around 2-3 inches smaller than the chest size. So, for example, if your chest measurement is 48 inches, then your vest size would be a 50 as long as your waist is smaller than your chest. If your waist is larger than you chest, then use the waist measurement of the Size Chart and use this formula for choosing your vest size, if you want to be able to zip up or snap closed your vest or jacket or shirt. LETTER sizing is sizes SMALL or LARGE, etc. those too have waists that are about 2-3 inches smaller than the chest, but it can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • Measure the largest part of your chest and waist.
  • Take the largest of those two measurements and add 2-3 inches and choose your size from the Size Chart on the product's page.
  • If your waist is larger than your chest, use the waist part of the Size Chart to choose your size if you want to be able to zip up or snap closed the front of your vest, jacket or shirt.

How To Size Leather Chaps

  • Measure each thigh at the largest part while wearing jeans.
  • Take the measurement of the largest thigh and add 1-2 inches and choose your size from the Size Chart located on the product's page.
  • The thigh measurement is the most important because it's not adjustable. The waist is adjustable via a belt and the length is adjustable by cutting off the bottom if they are too long.

How To Size Saddlebags

How To Size Your Saddlebags for your motorcycle.

If you are still unsure what size you wear, you may contact us via text at 850-913-9999, tell us you are trying to choose the correct size and be sure to give us your measurements and the SKU number of the product you are trying to fit. You can also contact us via our CONTACT US page.
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