FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions at USA Biker Leather. 


  1. QUESTION: "Can I wear your leather jackets in any weather?" ANSWER: Absolutely! Our jackets are like your bike: ready for any road, any weather. Just don't forget your sunscreen in the desert sun!

  2. QUESTION: "Do you have leather gear for those of us who are 'size awesome'?" ANSWER: Yes, we cater to all sizes! From small to 'size awesome,' everyone can find their perfect fit.

  3. QUESTION: "Can I conceal carry in any of your jackets?" ANSWER: Many of our jackets come with concealed carry pockets. So, you can carry both style and security.

  4. QUESTION: "Do you sell just plain old boring black leather jackets?" ANSWER: Boring? Never! Our black leather jackets are the epitome of cool – far from plain or boring!

  5. QUESTION: "Are your leather pants easy to dance in?" ANSWER: Our leather pants are made for more than just riding; they're perfect for dancing, too. Just be ready for all eyes on you!

  6. QUESTION: "Do you offer matching 'his and hers' biker gear?" ANSWER: Yes, we do! Perfect for those romantic sunset rides together.

  7. QUESTION: "Is your biker jewelry tough enough for a road trip?" ANSWER: Absolutely, our biker jewelry is as tough as the riders who wear it. Ready for any adventure!

  8. QUESTION: "Can I get a discount if I buy enough leather to outfit my entire motorcycle club?" ANSWER: Yes we do! Please use Promo Code: MC400 and you will be given a Motorcycle Club Discount. Minimum purchase to use this Coupon Code is $400.00. Buying for a club means you'll be the best-dressed club in town!

  9. QUESTION: "Do your leather vests come with extra 'badassery'?" ANSWER: Every vest is infused with 100% pure 'badassery' at no extra charge.

  10. QUESTION: "Will wearing your gloves improve my grip on the handlebars?" ANSWER: Our gloves aren’t just stylish; they’re designed to give you a grip that would make a vice jealous.

  11. QUESTION: "How often should I condition my leather?" ANSWER: Like a good friendship, leather gets better with time and care. Condition it every few months or when it starts to feel dry.

  12. QUESTION: "Do your chaps come in 'wind-flapping' mode?" ANSWER: Our chaps are designed to withstand the wind while making you look effortlessly cool, no flapping included.

  13. QUESTION: "Can your jackets withstand the speed of light?" ANSWER: They haven't been tested at light speed yet, but they're definitely road-ready!

  14. QUESTION: "Are your skullcaps and durags just for looks, or do they have special powers?" ANSWER: They may not grant superpowers, but they'll definitely make you look super cool.

  15. QUESTION: "Do your leather products come with a lifetime supply of adventure?" ANSWER: While we can't guarantee a lifetime supply, they'll certainly endure a lifetime of adventures.

  16. QUESTION: "Can I wear your motorcycle boots to a black-tie event?" ANSWER: Our boots are versatile, but for a black-tie event, you might want to swap them for something a tad more formal!

  17. QUESTION: "Do your biker wallets have a built-in GPS to find them when lost?" ANSWER: No GPS, but their cool design makes them hard to forget anywhere.

  18. QUESTION: "Is it true that wearing your gear makes me instantly cooler?" ANSWER: 100% true. Scientifically unproven, but we've got loads of testimonials!

  19. QUESTION: "Do you sell helmets that can read my thoughts?" ANSWER: Not yet, but our helmets do a great job of protecting your brilliant mind.

  20. QUESTION: "Will your leather skirts and dresses increase my chances of getting a date?" ANSWER: We don't run a dating service, but expect a lot of "You look amazing!" compliments.

  21. QUESTION: "Are your American Flag jackets approved by eagles?" ANSWER: Eagles haven't officially approved them, but we're pretty sure they'd give a patriotic nod.

  22. QUESTION: "Do your saddlebags come with a horse, or do I have to provide my own?" ANSWER: You'll need to provide your own horse, but our saddlebags will make it look like a steed fit for a knight.

  23. QUESTION: "Are your products made by bikers, for bikers?" ANSWER: Absolutely! Our products are designed with the biker lifestyle in mind.

  24. QUESTION: "Do you offer rain gear for when I'm riding through a monsoon?" ANSWER: We've got you covered! Our rain gear is perfect for staying dry, even when Mother Nature isn’t on your side.

  25. QUESTION: "Can I use your leather care products on my pet cow?" ANSWER: We recommend using our leather care products on our leather goods only, not on live animals!

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