Why Should You Wear A Motorcycle Helmet? 

There are probably as many benefits of wearing a helmet as there are for any other safety device.

  • More protection than not wearing a helmet. You want to hedge your bets that if you should fall off your motorcycle and your head hits the pavement, in most cases your head will be better off than if you were not wearing one.
  • Reduced wind noise is a comfort factor as well as a safety factor. Wind noise can prevent you hearing a horn honking or a vehicle coming up fast behind you, etc. Helmets reduce that wind noise issue.
  • If you wear a helmet with a built in visor, you will also have better visibility which is obviously another safety factor. Helps to protect your eyes and face from flying debris.
  • D.O.T. Department Of Transportation approved helmets are made for protection. If safety is number one on your list for yourself or your loved ones / passengers be sure to choose a DOT approved motorcycle helmet.

Below should explain the various terminology of the types of helmets available to you.

  • 1/2 helmets, also called shorty's, because they are half the size of full face helmets. A very popular option for those that want to feel more wind and be a little bit cooler (temperature wise). 
  • 3/4 helmets, also called Open Face Helmets because they are 3/4 the size of full face helmets and have a more open feel to them. Some of these do have built in face shields or have the option to add a face shield to take care of the flying debris or bugs.
  • Full Face helmets are the full size helmets that wrap your entire head along with your chin, jawline area for the most protection all the way around. These helmets have built in visors to protect your face from flying debris and bugs.

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Need help with sizing? Most helmets should have a size chart on the product page. If you do not see one, then go here to our How To Size Your Motorcycle Helmet page here. You just need to know the last two letters of the sku number as there are a few different manufacturers with different size charts. Thanks!


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