NO MINIMUMS! FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders being shipped to the lower 48 States of America.

NO MINIMUMS! FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders being shipped to the lower 48 States of America.

How Do I Measure For Leather Chaps?

How do i know what size leather chaps I should order?

This is our most commonly asked sizing question. Sizing for leather chaps can be confusing, especially if this is your first time ordering a pair of chaps. We want to help you get the right size the first time! Once you learn how to measure yourself or your loved one for chaps, be sure to check out our Men's Leather Chaps and our Women's Leather Chaps.

How To Choose The Correct Size Chaps:

  • Measure around your thigh. Measure about 3-4 inches below your crotch or where your thigh bends.
  • Measure from a sitting position. Our thighs expand a bit when we are sitting.
  • Make sure you measure both thighs because everyone has one thigh that's a bit larger than the other.
  • Measure your thigh while you are wearing jeans or whatever you would normally wear under your chaps.
  • Take your largest thigh measurement and add one to two inches and then choose your chaps based on that measurement. So for example, let's say your thigh measures 25 inches. Adding one to two inches to that gives you 26 or 27 inches. Which size you go with will be personal preference. If you want your chaps to be tight, then order 1 inch larger than your measurement. If you want to have a more roomy fit, order 2 inches larger than your measurement.
  • The thigh measurement is the most important because it is not adjustable.
  • Next measure your waist. Most chaps come with an adjustable belt on the front and grommets and lacing on the back. There is normally a size range, so say if the chaps you need based on your thigh measurement have a waist adjustment of 34" to 40", then if your waist is in that range, then you are good to go. If your waist is smaller adjust the grommets and lacing in the back and/or make more belt holes in the front. If your waist is larger than that, we offer chaps extenders to increase the waist size.
  • Inseam length. most chaps are 34 inch inseams. If that is too long for you, then you simply cut off the bottoms with a sharp pair of scissors. Leather does not fray so no need to hem unless of course that is your preference.
  • Make sure if you do cut off any length, measure while you are sitting down. This is because when you sit down on your motorcycle the chaps will ride up some. If you cut them off from a standing position then when you sit down and they are now too short, it's too late. Cut off and/or altered chaps are not returnable.

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