What do you think of when you see or hear the words #Censorship and #CancelCulture?

Sounds like it's all about politics, and in a way it is and in a way, it is so much more.

Let me give you my personal experience and it has to do with this very store. My store is an innocent bystander and indeed victim of Cancel Culture and Censorship. My previous ecommerce platform or web host was Shopify. I had three stores with Shopify, paying my monthly hosting fees plus Shopify got a percentage of my sales as they also provided my credit card merchant account (so I can accept credit cards from you, my very valued customers). 

In August of 2020, Shopify's "legal" department sent me an email saying that I had so many days to remove all products depicting the Confederate Flag. I had a total at that time of 19 products with the Confederate Flag on it out of over 1400 total products in this online store. Those products, in fact, had become my best sellers and without them, my bottom line and indeed, ability to earn a living were at risk. Shopify did not care, they are all about being "Social Justice Warriors - Pansies" and about Cancel Culture and Censorship of my products. 

Mind you, every single product is a perfectly legal product that I have been selling online since we started back in 2003. Products like Motorcycle Ride Bells, Motorcycle Helmets, Vest Extenders, Boot Chains, Vest Patches, etc. These products have not had any issues with selling them since 2003 until the lovely year of 2020, the year that the world completely lost its collective mind. Suddenly, I was told by Shopify that any products depicting the Confederate Flag were considered "hateful content" and had to be removed. Basically, Shopify was saying that YOU do not have the right to buy what you want with YOUR hard earned money and they were telling me as an online seller, that I did not have the right to sell perfectly legal products because THEY found the Confederate Flag to be "hateful content".

Can you see what a slippery slope this is? Today, my Confederate Flag products are "hateful content", what products will be considered "hateful content" tomorrow? See, you may not sell or may not like or maybe you even hate the Confederate Flag. Well, that's your prerogative and your right. However, is it the right thing to do to take that option away from people who DO like the Confederate Flag and would like to display it on their motorcycle helmet? Because again, next week or month or year it may well be something that is important to you that becomes the victim of Cancel Culture and Censorship. But by then it may be too late to stop this rolling snowball down this slippery slope. Every victory the liberal Cancel Culture types have in getting things they find "offensive", the more victories they will seek. It will never be enough. Cancel Confederate flags today, cancel the American flag or Christian flag tomorrow?

We must NOT allow ourselves to be censored and become victims of tyranny. For my little part of the world, I'm doing my part. At a fair amount of expense and a LOT of time and effort, I moved my three stores with over 1400 products in each store from Shopify to another ecommerce platform provider. Otherwise, I would have had to comply with the tyranny, bullying, censorship, and threatening to close down my stores due to selling a few products that had the Confederate Flag on it. I have also been letting anyone and everyone know about my experience. I've also talked to several others that Shopify also censored and threatened. Some people's online stores revolved solely around the Confederate flag and therefore Shopify wanted them to remove every single product, so they too, were forced to move to another platform and when you do that, you lose traffic because the URL's of each product changes with a different platform and that's a whole other issue that I and the others have had to work on to fix due to the censorship and tyranny over at Shopify.

I would love to hear your opinions, your critique's, etc. But don't come here acting like a fool. If you disagree with my right to sell products that depict the Confederate Flag, tell me why and under what part of the Constitution prohibits a business from selling legal products just because some people might find them offensive.

As a side note, after Shopify started their threatening emails I did some research and low and behold, there are Shopify stores selling NAZI FLAGS! Yes, you read that right. So, apparently Shopify finds Nazi Flags to be ok but Rebel Flags or Confederate Flags are "hateful content". Now, in my humble opinion, I think the Nazi flag is very hateful, however, even though I find it to be hateful, I do not have the right to tell those people they cannot sell it because it "offends" me! In fact, I stand with anyone selling anything that is legal as their right. For me, I don't like the Nazi flag, so I will not buy it or spend my time or money on it. The same should hold true for me and my Confederate Flag products. Again, if you do not like them, do not buy them, it's really quite simple.

Thanks for listening / reading. Let me know in the comments what you think about my experience and if you have been the victim of Cancel Culture or Censorship as well.

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